Socrates Investment SA is an independent, private investment company based in Katowice, which operates on the private market.

The beginnings of the company go back to 2003. The principal activity of the Company is to invest funds in projects for generating above-average returns. The Company closely follows the consolidation processes in the Polish energy sector, repeatedly defending the interests of minority shareholders. For this purpose, established the project ” Wspólna Reprezentacja “. Over the years the company engaged its funds in the shares of many companies, including shareholder was PZU SA, PGE SA, PGNiG SA, SA, PGE Obrót, Energa SA, GiEK PGE, Tauron SA and listed on the NewConnect market i3D SA. Its present form the company owes nearly a decade of experience combined group Secus Holding SA.

For 2012-2016 the Company has adopted a strategy for the operation of concentrating its activities in the following areas:

Representation of the interests of the shareholders group PGE, Energa SA and Tauron PE SA, in proceedings concerning irregularities in connection with the consolidation of the energy sector,
Investing activities,
Execution of tasks related to running and developing the activities of special purpose entities.

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