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Evotec Services sp. z o.o., ul. Drozdów 6, Mikołów, 43-190, Poland


Founded 40 years ago by Klaus Höfer and managed by his son Olivier Höfer, Höfer Chemie ® GmbH, headquartered in Sulzbach / Saar, has been selling chemical products for end consumers and commercial customers for more than four decades.The products, which are sold both online in their own shops, at eBay and amazon, as well as from the factory, contain fuels such as the TÜV-tested bioethanol, lamp oil or heating oil as well as pool care products, waterbed care products, detergents and technical Raw materials.Höfer Chemie ® owns one of the most modern hazardous materials storage facilities in the south-west of Germany with filling systems of the latest generation and now employs about 30 people.