SoftwareONE is a privately owned, global organization that provides consultative services on technology trends, software licensing and procurement, and compliance mitigation strategies for software publisher audits.

The complete combination of these services forms the company’s Software Portfolio Management (SPM) methodology, which ensures the entire lifecycle of an organization’s IT investments are strategically roadmapped by reconciling existing legacy systems against future technology needs.

SoftwareONE has 65 subsidiaries that serve customers in 145 countries, with its global headquarters in Stans, Switzerland. SoftwareONE’s consultants are certified across several publishers, most notably Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, VMware, Symantec, Adobe, and Citrix.

Software Portfolio Management: Software Portfolio Management (SPM) is an enterprise-grade methodology that combines the three core elements of Software Asset Management (SAM), technology demand roadmaps, and commercial analysis services to drive an all-up view of IT investments. The aim is to help organizations better predict and budget for their long-term software spend by analyzing the organization's existing software systems and developing a framework that helps them transition to their future IT over a planned period of time. 

Software Asset Management (SAM): helps organizations understand their current state of compliance with regards to software publisher records. It is a reconciliation practice between what is actually installed within the organization and what the publisher has on record. If the publisher says the customer has fewer licenses than are installed within the database, then the customer is considered “non-compliant” and will be audited by a third party agency. SAM can either be proactive by helping organizations maintain efficient processes and procedures that reduce the chance of an audit, or SAM can be a reactive practice that helps guide a customer through a publisher audit.

Software Procurement Services: includes advice on end-to-end software procurement best practices throughout the entire software lifecycle. SoftwareONE can also outtask the management of software spend and licenses on behalf of the customer.

Technology Services: Technology Services include the preparation or review of technology roadmaps with a focus on key technologies, including cloud and virtualization, with an aim to manage the total cost of ownership (TCO). The company's Technology Services provides awareness on the technology roadmap of major suppliers to provide an early warning system for new software releases and changes to licensing. It also takes into account the processes for the replacement of unsupported software and associated extended support costs.

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