Time Asset Management S.A. is an independent brokerage house. Since 2004, we have been specializing in the implementation of unique private market-based investment projects. We are originators and creators of pioneering investment funds involved in prospective industries, with a low correlation between assets and the stock exchange, e.g. private health care, mass-scale consumer receivables, real estate. This allows for stable investing in the longer perspective, while maintaining satisfying return rates which exceed the benefits gained from traditional forms of locating capital. Our mission is to set new trends and prospects on the alternative market of investment products as well as to continuously strengthen the brand of Secus Asset Management. We are constantly working on creating innovative products based on attractive market niches.

The management success of Secus Asset Management involves careful selection of financial instruments, suitable diversification of deposits and individual portfolio strategies. All this is done so that a client receiving professional consultancy may earn money regardless of the market situation and with a moderate investment risk. Our solutions are aimed at investors who want to increase their profits effectively as well as at companies searching for capital and effective development strategies. As a NewConnect Authorized Advisor, Time Asset Management S.A. determines the capital needs of companies, points to financing sources and introduces companies to the alternative market.

Secus Closed-end Investment Funds are dedicated to those searching for innovative solutions, with considerable financial surplus and expecting above-average return rates. They are a great offer for investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio by adding new classes of assets.

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