Evotec is small company based in Katowice, in Silesia region of Poland. We specialize in wide range of activities in the areas of IT, Public Relations and Outdoor Advertising Services. But it hasn't been always like that. Company has been first established at 4th of July 2011, but the idea has been there for a longer while. After years of working in for small, medium and large corporations in IT business, the idea of providing Outsourcing Services for IT as a separate company has been always there. It took months of planning, preparations and doubts as with everything that's new and not entirely known to you. After all having a steady job as IT Consultant in Capgemini or working as IT Manager at Secus Asset Management is not something you give up easily. Below you find quick timeline how our company has grown from one man army to a small company with multiple areas of interests and multiple clients around the globe (Poland, Germany, Switzerland and USA are just one of the few from a longer list of our satisfied customers).

July 2004

Getting a job as IT Consultant

There are days where you get back in time and try to remind yourself how your road to where you are now looked like. On July 2004 my IT career has started and let me to the place where Evotec, a small company with multiple people working together and helping our clients reach their goals. This day clearly defined me, and defined how a business was made. Something to remember. There is a place where people start. This was a start of Evotec. not yet defined as one, but a day that had huge impact on where we are Today.

Getting to know how IT works

After years and years of experience gained thru hard work for multiple companies ranging from small and medium, to large corporations consisting of 40000 employees all over the world I've finally managed to gather enough experience and courage to be able to go on my own. This was big decision but looking back it was one of the best decisions ever made.

Getting things the right way the first time

How does one start a company? You ask for help! Talking to colleagues, work agencies, gathering knowledge on how to run company is crucial for anyone wanting to start his own little business. And that's what I did. Time well spent.
4th of July 2011

First Client - Secus Asset Management

As it happens the day company was started was also the day where we signed up our first client Secus Asset Management. It was the very same company I've worked for as an IT Manager in earlier years and they were also the reason this company was introduced to the market.

Getting new clients ain't easy task for IT people

While getting first client was quite easy because of established connection with our partner, acquiring more partners without sales team is a hard job. It tooks as quite a while to establish new clients but thanks mostly to grapevine and our good work for our first customer we've acquired several more clients to our portfolio.
January 2012

We are hiring!

There's only “this” amount of things one person can handle. What in the beginning seemed like a one man army company, actually started to require far more attention and resources that one could expect. After some searching we were able to hire additional team members that were able to help us with our day to day activities in programming and administration for our growing list of customers.
November 2013

Company Logo

After years of going without any logo we've finally decided it's time to create one. It tooks us 2 years to get one, but it was well worth it. Much thought and design has been put into its existence. Hopefully you like it as much as we do!


March 2014

IT Consultancy for IBM

After several years in industry we've been recruited to help a major corporation to handle the transition of support from India and Germany to Poland of an Exchange 2007 environment consisting of over 180 thousands of users spread over 100 servers of Exchange 2007. And today we may say it was a success story!

Website has been born

There is an old saying

The shoemaker's children go barefoot

As with our logo it took us nearly 3 years to make our own website. While we've been focused on our Clients we have forgotten to prepare our main point of contact for new Clients to be able to find us! How do you like it now?

July 2015

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