Our services in informatics

Outsourcing Services

Evotec helps small and medium-sized businesses to stop worrying about their IT infrastructure needs. We can take all or just some of your services.

Consulting & Guidance

Evotec can handle all your IT consulting and project needs. We will work on a solution that makes sense for you, your business and your budget.

Implementations & Integrations

Evotec can handle all your implementation and integration needs. Got a new software you need installed and configured? We make it happen.

Software Design & Development

Evotec can provide you with software designed to fulfil the task you need taken care of. No software on the market? We will make it for you.


Evotec provides migration services from older systems or software to new versions. Whether it's Microsoft, VMWare or Symantec we can help.


Evotec offers comprehensive auditing of all Microsoft systems including Active Directory, File Systems, Exchange, Windows Clients and Windows Servers.

Office Moves

Evotec offers professional office moves of IT infrastructure across Europe. We do our work on weekends so no business days are lost for you.

Website Design

Evotec offers budget, nice looking and modern designs for small and medium businesses. Easy to use, easy to control even by computer literates.

Our offer in advertisement

Outdoor Advertising

Evotec delivers best outdoor places for our Clients to place their ads, so that they reach the most potential customers.

Marketing & PR


Informatics, Outdoor Advertising, PR & Marketing


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What we do

Outsourcing Services

Evotec's outsourcing department is specializing in helping out small and medium-sized businesses, however we also work for large corporations on a contract basis. We strive to offer best service for all topics related to IT. Our goal is provide complete set of IT services so we offer our Clients complete takeover of their existing infrastructure including server management, desktop management and network management. We solve all our Client problems, on all possible levels, so our Clients don't have to worry about anything and can focus on their core business and not constantly worry about their IT infrastructure.

Outdoor Advertising

Evotec's consultants specialize in planning and implementing external campaigns from traditional outdoor (billboard, city light, mega board) through the large grid throughout the country (50-1500m), as well as advertising in national retail chains. Projects include local events, regional and nationwide campaigns. Evotec's experience and a wide range of products allows you to prepare both the campaign's image and product portfolio using the media going into specific target group partner, which is the basis for creating effective advertising. In our ranks are specialists in outdoor, press and online advertising, as well as PR managers with large experience. Mutual cooperation and a set of experiences will allow our partners to benefit from qualified staff. We also provide comprehensive services necessary to campaign in the form of the production of commercials, large format printing and graphic design.

Website Design

How can we help with IT?

Evotec acts as your full IT department. Our Service Desk provides knowledgeable & friendly tech support for your employees, our administrators support your servers from behind the scenes, and our managers are always there to support you with planning of your IT needs. We reduce down-time, boost productivity and specialize in reducing IT budgets with our flat monthly rates. Evotec monitors, backups, repairs and maintains your computers, servers and network for total peace of mind.


Microsoft Windows Servers
  • 95

    Microsoft Windows Servers
  • 95

    Microsoft Exchange
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    Microsoft SQL
  • 95

    Microsoft Hyper-V
  • 70

    Microsoft SharePoint

How can we help with Outdoor Advertisement?

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and certainly one of the most effective forms of advertising. Our employees are aware of its value. Our experience guarantee that the projects are at the highest level and guarantee marketing success for advertisers. Evotec is a company bringing together a group of people with a long experience in the planning and execution of advertising activities. We provide services throughout the country, not only in Silesia, where our company HQ is located. We offer comprehensive services in the field of external companies visualization, planning, implementation and documentation of outdoor campaign (from large billboard to the small grid), advertising in national chain stores, wider print (from large-format to flyers and posters). Years of experience and limitless commitment of our team in the projects, allows us to fall into the group of companies ready to meet the most unusual orders. Successfully managing campaigns, is one of the biggest challenges facing any company. Our employees can be proud of a number of execution that because of the unusual size or scope, were challenging.

Our mission is to provide customers with effective advertising campaigns:

using the broadest portfolio on the market of outdoor advertising media
using the most effective advertising channels for the industry
based on modern concepts and tools
based on the strategies for action and assumptions client

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