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PSWritePDF – PDF PowerShell Module


PSWritePDF is by no means a finished product. Like with most of my modules, I build some concept that matches view on how I would like it to look, and in the next months, I will probably update its functionality to match my expectations. Since PSWritePDF is based on iText 7 it should be possible with some work to get all that functionality into PowerShell. That means that this module has excellent possibilities when it comes to potential use cases.

For now, I've divided the module functionality into two categories:

  • ☑ Standalone functions such as Split-PDF, Merge-PDF or Convert-PDFtoText
  • ☑ Bundled functions working like PSWriteHTML where they are not supposed to be used separately mainly to create PDF files (for now)

To find out more read following blog posts:

3rd Party Notices

This PowerShell Module uses iText 7 Community for .NET therefore the license needs to be kept the same as iText (or at least I think so). If it isn't so I would be more than happy to release my PowerShell code as MIT license. I don't intend to modify iText7 codebase, just using it's API. As I'm not an expert on licensing I'm attaching some of articles I found that may make this license terms clearer.

Recommended read:

Other software used:

All that additional software is required to work with iText and so it's part of this package.

Installing / Updating

Install-Module PSWritePDF -Force