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PSDiscord – PowerShell Module

This PowerShell module allows sending notifications to Discord. It's pretty easy to use, and kind of brother to PSTeams module using related cmdlets. It's cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. While there is already excellent Discord module PSDsHook it used classes and was giving me some errors that I just had no way to fix. This Discord module is straightforward and is relatively easy to use.

Note worthy features
Send feature rich notifications to Discord
Fairly easy to use
No license needed. Free to use.
Open source
Cross-plaform (Win/Linux/Mac)
PowerShell 5.1 or Higher
Useful links
Code is published on GitHub
Issues should be reported on GitHub
Code is published as a module on PowerShellGallery
How can I use it?

Following code can send a message to Discord. It changes Author of the message, adds an image as thumbnail and picture at the same time. It also turns the avatar name and logo.

$Uri = ''

$Author = New-DiscordAuthor -Name 'PSBlacklistChecker' -IconUrl ""
$Fact = New-DiscordFact -Name 'Blacklisted IP' -Value 'Found on blacklist' -Inline $false
$Thumbnail = New-DiscordThumbnail -Url ""
$Section = New-DiscordSection -Title 'Everybody panic!' -Description '' -Facts $Fact, $Fact, $Fact -Color BlueViolet -Author $Author -Thumbnail $Thumbnail -Image $Thumbnail
Send-DiscordMessage -WebHookUrl $Uri -Sections $Section -AvatarName 'PSBlackListChecker' -AvatarUrl ""

You can also use CreateConfig switch will save URI for later use so you can skip it in subsequent uses.

$Uri = '...'
Send-DiscordMessage -WebHookUrl $Uri -Text 'Test' -CreateConfig

Send-DiscordMessage -Text 'Test' -AvatarName 'My Test'

There's also switch TextToSpeach which basically tells discord to say to you the name of Avatar and the text included in Text field.

Send-DiscordMessage -Text 'Test' -AvatarName 'My Test' -TextToSpeech
How to install and update?

Since PSDiscord is published on PowerShellGallery it's quite easy to install it with just one little command

Install-Module PSDiscord

When you want to update this module… just use

Update-Module PSDiscord