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Statusimo – PowerShell Module

Statusimo is a PowerShell module that is able to generate a Status Page entirely from PowerShell. There are many solutions on the market that allow you to host and build your own Status Page for services you have but usually, it comes at a cost or it has some special requirements one has to meet. Following module generates a static HTML page that contains JavaScript/CSS and HTML in one single file you can put on a server or publish using any way you want.

Note worthy features
Fairly easy to use
No license needed. Free to use.
Open source
Cross-plaform (Win/Linux/Mac)
PowerShell 5.1 or Higher
Useful links
The code is published on GitHub
Issues should be reported on GitHub
Code is published as a module on PowerShellGallery
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Below you can find links to newest versions descriptions that add new features, explain usage and motives. It's required to read all those articles. If you skip it without reading, you will have lots of questions or trials and errors. When a new version is released most of the materials get updates to reflect new functionality and changes. So even if you've already read those and there's a new version out, you may want to take a look at all others to be on safe side.

Meet Statusimo – PowerShell generated Status Page – first release, along with a description what is what and how to use it properly

Following module can generate a page like you see below by using two PowerShell commands. One command is generating Incidents and the other one refreshes HTML to add those incidents and build HTML you see below.

Statusimo Status Page Example

How to install and update?

Since Statusimo is published on PowerShellGallery it's quite easy to install it with just one little command

Install-Module Statusimo

When you want to update this module… just use

Update-Module Statusimo

You may also want to use Force switch during update/install as the force switch forces download of new versions for modules that are prerequisites for Statusimo to work. Those are PSWriteHTML and PSSharedGoods. Those are bundled in, and there's no need to install them separately.

Update-Module Statusimo -Force