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Exchange 2013 – Health Mailbox has been corrupted


Health checking your Exchange Environment is important task for any administrator. Specially for that there are special Health Mailboxes created in Exchange that provide useful information about current health of the infrastructure. However if something is corrupted with any of the health mailboxes the results may be corrupted as well. Since we've been having some errors in our Exchange infrastructure we have used get-mailbox -Monitoring cmdlet just to find Health Mailbox has been corrupted message with two of our Health Mailboxes.

Problem Description

To check if all Health Check mailboxes are OK and have no problems one has to execute get-mailbox -Monitoring command. It should display all mailboxes that are available across all servers in our environment. Usually if there are no problems with them the view should be similar to below:

In our system we've noticed that two of our Health Mailboxes on Server Mail3 and Mail4 are corrupted.

The error message

WARNING: The object DOMAIN.LOCAL/Microsoft Exchange System Objects/Monitoring
Mailboxes/HealthMailboxd8a37cafac9540ff923a71b5b7e92272 has been corrupted, and it's in an inconsistent state. The
following validation errors happened:
WARNING: Database is mandatory on UserMailbox.
WARNING: Database is mandatory on UserMailbox.


Process of fixing Health Mailboxes is quite simple. We simply need to find them all in Active Directory under Microsoft Exchange System Objects \ Monitoring Mailboxes

And simply delete them.

It's actually safe to delete all Health Mailboxes (to be sure no other issues are in place for other mailboxes as well).

To recreate them we just need to restart Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service.

We simply choose Restart and wait for the results to kick in.

After restart is done, wait up to 5 minutes and recheck Active Directory.

Mailboxes should start being created and available for Health Checks.

It may take a while for all Health Mailboxes to be populated. You may also want to restart the Health Service on all servers that host Mailbox Databases. Simply running multiple stop/start commands with little break between them should help to automate this task across environment.

sc \\mail1 stop MSExchangeHM
sc \\mail2 stop MSExchangeHM
sc \\mail3 stop MSExchangeHM
sc \\mail4 stop MSExchangeHM
echo "Wait for 10 seconds and run start command for Health Service"
sc \\mail1 start MSExchangeHM
sc \\mail2 start MSExchangeHM
sc \\mail3 start MSExchangeHM
sc \\mail4 start MSExchangeHM

Or do it manually

After a while recheck your setup and see if all mailboxes are created.

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>get-mailbox -Monitoring | Sort DisplayName | ft Name, DisplayName, ServerName -a

Name                                          DisplayName                          ServerName
----                                          -----------                          ----------
HealthMailbox2258fec3ddd84d879261348a2f3bcdc3 HealthMailbox-MAIL1-001              mail1
HealthMailbox2437bce0650e464d80366459664fab8d HealthMailbox-MAIL1-002              mail2
HealthMailboxea6f106f5ad34e2cb0f311a47f0ecf64 HealthMailbox-MAIL1-003              mail1
HealthMailbox27e26eb033884b48ae4271a87594cc0f HealthMailbox-MAIL1-004              mail2
HealthMailboxbf148284ded541548e92756fc8792b6c HealthMailbox-MAIL1-005              mail1
HealthMailboxf47f4a6f98f447748515775bac266041 HealthMailbox-MAIL1-006              mail2
HealthMailbox27cdcf56d2a94c168a5f5ad96d66da3f HealthMailbox-MAIL1-007              mail1
HealthMailboxa570589ff3f741d1bbf536f8638f0cdb HealthMailbox-MAIL1-008              mail2
HealthMailboxf727cf1623b9452284dc70451a184d66 HealthMailbox-MAIL1-009              mail2
HealthMailboxf977a4f7ace8422a8a704560bacf1dd0 HealthMailbox-MAIL1-010              mail1
HealthMailbox304038e992df4db28b210caa43a34db1 HealthMailbox-MAIL1-MailboxDatabase1 mail1
HealthMailboxcb0165d0cbe74358afc5609eb5e20cec HealthMailbox-MAIL1-MailboxDatabase2 mail2
HealthMailbox5328bb8f320748f0a37aecab431d7b48 HealthMailbox-MAIL2-001              mail1
HealthMailbox8915d720d4364ef8b1e240fd3222ee0d HealthMailbox-MAIL2-002              mail2
HealthMailbox18481637c86d41bfac56db647c63b13a HealthMailbox-MAIL2-003              mail2
HealthMailbox1dc98285c90b4ac58c400aa1d877a75d HealthMailbox-MAIL2-004              mail2
HealthMailboxb2db171ad98943379d0c8e7c07e22f5f HealthMailbox-MAIL2-005              mail1
HealthMailboxd1379f43154f432f847afd7c6bde140e HealthMailbox-MAIL2-006              mail2
HealthMailbox68a7c0ca5c4641da841ba520f6351ec9 HealthMailbox-MAIL2-007              mail2
HealthMailbox0a670615a9d44345b26e1e714a42f07e HealthMailbox-MAIL2-008              mail2
HealthMailbox58d200eef60944e6b1daac05e8c81bde HealthMailbox-MAIL2-009              mail1
HealthMailbox0735efc0f511458888f8ee513a4b056b HealthMailbox-MAIL2-010              mail2
HealthMailbox9bec22e1e31a401f89fb90869eec68f6 HealthMailbox-MAIL2-MailboxDatabase1 mail1
HealthMailbox3097f5eb369e40f3b75e7a668f7606bb HealthMailbox-MAIL2-MailboxDatabase2 mail2
HealthMailboxd0f701159b004289a16c763954889a55 HealthMailbox-mail3-001              mail2
HealthMailbox0cf3408dfb78451ebb70b52a43ac216a HealthMailbox-mail3-002              mail2
HealthMailbox22d1f04a92d942cc9b7307b7a744e502 HealthMailbox-mail3-003              mail1
HealthMailbox104506ad6d364e6fb33193f8de3d6225 HealthMailbox-mail3-004              mail2
HealthMailbox202664f055bf4ae1a9c21d6676ac9ad8 HealthMailbox-mail3-005              mail2
HealthMailboxfd0d87c539a849fba225ce323f284b67 HealthMailbox-mail3-006              mail2
HealthMailbox20e2ec63434a48aba40db4104ea6f3ba HealthMailbox-mail3-007              mail1
HealthMailboxe51836bf06144ea0b57177fb287b8910 HealthMailbox-mail3-008              mail2
HealthMailbox68344b82cd6448c4993013833c02224e HealthMailbox-mail3-009              mail2
HealthMailbox546569b126b04e2ea76d8d73f57027f5 HealthMailbox-mail3-010              mail2
HealthMailbox2cb505c017804f239e703e2d0e509a4a HealthMailbox-mail3-MailboxDatabase1 mail1
HealthMailboxd91a924452ea49c597866bded50a2606 HealthMailbox-mail3-MailboxDatabase2 mail2
HealthMailbox7dd455bdb92749d9ae0d6e51117ae573 HealthMailbox-mail4-001              mail2
HealthMailboxdb6c030e34ca43c596f59efeb70d7b1e HealthMailbox-mail4-002              mail2
HealthMailbox1a59f1ea2aef446ab5524b2f0cda80f2 HealthMailbox-mail4-003              mail2
HealthMailbox5a5819fc1e1d4d8f9b6adad9e11cd9b8 HealthMailbox-mail4-004              mail1
HealthMailbox7fe73d61b4c64e74b71170117de550e3 HealthMailbox-mail4-005              mail2
HealthMailboxed663e1ffb9b4f9ba339b9384f17b4d8 HealthMailbox-mail4-006              mail2
HealthMailbox2bed2fca5e7f4bcd925f1988180580e5 HealthMailbox-mail4-007              mail2
HealthMailboxf5600bc999884c7291188d85903d2157 HealthMailbox-mail4-008              mail1
HealthMailboxf5c4035e4c12498b88bd93e0e585f533 HealthMailbox-mail4-009              mail2
HealthMailbox33f14441be8c452f92bddfc7df6dad4f HealthMailbox-mail4-010              mail2
HealthMailbox659b059bb85748ffaeeee1726cc11623 HealthMailbox-mail4-MailboxDatabase1 mail1
HealthMailboxc8a8d9a1340241ae9f8c567a2d9926c9 HealthMailbox-mail4-MailboxDatabase2 mail2

There should be 10 HealthMailboxes per each server with 1 or 2 Health Mailboxes per each Database. Since in our case MAIL3 and MAIL4 servers are only used for Lagged setup there are no additional mailboxes for databases stored on them.

Having all Health Mailboxes in proper state is important to keep your Exchange 2013 Healthy.

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