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Write-Color – 2 year Anniversary Edition – v0.3

That was a bit unexpected. The day I revisit Write-Color for PowerShell to release new version of Write-Color after some minor changes it turns out my original version was released 2 years ago, exactly on 9th of April 2016! What is Write-Color you may ask… I hear you.. well it's a wrapper for Write-Host. It allows you to create, in an easy way, a colorized version of your script output, among other things.

PSWriteColor Information
Please notice this article contains parts of information (still useful) and may not reflect all functionalities of this module. For download, source code and so on you should refer to the dedicated PSWriteColor module page. After reading this one… of course! It contains useful informationexamples and know-how.
What is it all about?

I understand now… but what is it? Well lets take a look at example…

Normally it would take lots of code to achieve something similar. But with Write-Color it's quite easy. Each one is single line of code:

. "C:\Support\Scripts\Includes\Write-Color.ps1" # Include Write-Color

Write-Color "[i] ", "Parameter in configuration of ", "EmailParameters.EmailFrom", " exists." -Color White, White, Green, White -ShowTime
Write-Color "[i] ", "Parameter in configuration of ", "EmailParameters.EmailTo", " exists." -Color White, White, Green, White -ShowTime

Now how about writing a command and then after it's done, and depending if it's Success or Failure color it as such?

. "C:\Support\Scripts\Includes\Write-Color.ps1" # Include Write-Color
Write-Color "[i] ", "I will send email soon...", "Get ready.." -Color White
Write-Color "[i] ", "Sending email...." -Color White, White -NoNewLine
<# Do Something.... #>
if ($true) {
    Write-Color -Text "OK" -Color Green

Isn't that easy? There are far more possibilities… so go ahead and get Write-Color.ps1

What's new in this version
    [accordionitem] added -ShowTime added -NoNewLine added function description changed some formatting [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] added logging to file [/accordionitem] [accordionitem] first public release [/accordionitem]

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