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Get-AdPermission – The operation couldn’t be performed because object couldn’t be found

During our recent creation of Relay Receive Connector on Exchange 2013 we've encountered an error: The operation couldn't be performed because object. Since time was an essence we didn't spent much time debugging the issue and simply found a workaround as shared below. Hopefully will be useful for you.

Problem Description

If you run the following command to get permissions assigned to Receive Connector of Exchange an error is displayed

Even thou Get-AdPermission shows that the object can't be found, quick verification confirms it's there.

So what's going on?


It seems the solution to get Get-AdPermission running just fine like in example below is very simple.

Turns out if you run exactly the same command in Exchange Management Shell or standard PowerShell Window it works just fine.

However the reason for this behaviour of ISE PowerShell is not known to me at this time. So if you have to work with Get-AdPermission commands you may want to run it outside of ISE. If we ever find out the reason for this behaviour we will make sure to share the news.

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