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Office 365 – Creating Archive Mailboxes with PowerShell in bulk

Office365 - Add Archive Mailboxes in BULK

Quick PowerShell Script that allows to enable Archive Mailboxes for users that don't have it enabled. Below script just does 2 steps:

Connect to Office 365
Add Archive Mailbox that doesn't have it

There are some additional configuration options in there allowing one to do things one step at the time.

Office 365 - PowerShell Script to create archive mailboxes
Import-Module PSSharedGoods #-Force

$Configuration = @{
    Tenant = @{
        UserName         = ''
        Password         = 'C:\Users\pklys\OneDrive - Evotec\Support\GitHub\PSWinDocumentation\Ignore\MySecurePassword.txt'
        PasswordSecure   = $true
        PasswordFromFile = $true
        ConnectionURI    = ''
        Authentication   = 'Basic'
        SessionAzure     = 'Azure'
        SessionAzureAD   = 'AzureAD'
        SessionExchange  = 'Exchange'
    Steps  = @{
        ConnectTenant            = @{
            Azure          = $false
            AzureAD        = $false
            ExchangeOnline = $true
        AddArchiveToAllMailboxes = $true
if ($Configuration.Steps.ConnectTenant.Azure) {
    $SessionAzure = Connect-WinAzure -SessionName $Configuration.Tenant.SessionAzure -Username $Configuration.Tenant.UserName -Password $Configuration.Tenant.Password -AsSecure:$Configuration.Tenant.PasswordSecure -FromFile:$Configuration.Tenant.PasswordFromFile
if ($Configuration.Steps.ConnectTenant.AzureAD) {
    $SessionAzureAD = Connect-WinAzureAD -SessionName $Configuration.Tenant.SessionAzureAD -Username $Configuration.Tenant.UserName -Password $Configuration.Tenant.Password -AsSecure:$Configuration.Tenant.PasswordSecure -FromFile:$Configuration.Tenant.PasswordFromFile
if ($Configuration.Steps.ConnectTenant.ExchangeOnline) {
    $Session = Connect-WinExchange -SessionName $Configuration.Tenant.SessionExchange -Username $Configuration.Tenant.UserName -Password $Configuration.Tenant.Password -AsSecure:$Configuration.Tenant.PasswordSecure -FromFile:$Configuration.Tenant.PasswordFromFile -ConnectionURI $Configuration.Tenant.ConnectionURI -Authentication $Configuration.Tenant.Authentication
    Import-PSSession $Session -AllowClobber

if ($Configuration.Steps.AddArchiveToAllMailboxes) {
    $Users = Get-Mailbox -Filter {ArchiveStatus -Eq "None" -AND RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"}
    foreach ($User in $Users) {
        Write-Color 'Enabling archive for user ', $User.UserPrincipalName -Color White, Yellow
        $Output = $User | Enable-Mailbox -Archive
You will need those

Below are 2 modules that I use to Connect to Office 365 and to use colorful output. You still will need standard modules required to connect to Office 365 because PSSharedGoods provides just a wrapper that allow easy connection setup. While you could skip those (and the script that is linked above doesn't require it) I've wrote some simple wrappers that allow me to manage things in easy way, and the way I want it.

Install-Module PSSharedGoods
Install-Module PSWriteColor

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